Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

Dining Room Hours

Sun - Thurs: 7:30am - 3pm
Fri - Sat: 7:30am - 8pm

Pub Hours

Mon - Thurs: CLOSED

Fri: 11am - 10pm

Sat: 8am - 10pm

Sun: 8am - 3pm


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comfort food, quality service

1516. S Canyon Way

Colfax, Ca 95713

welcome to dine n dash

If you have been to our pub and grill then you have seen and tasted what keeps our guests coming back time and time again. We take great pride in providing quality food and an inviting environment for you to enjoy meals with friends and family. We enjoy being a part of the community and providing the best possible food for our guests.


We use only the freshest ingredients when preparing our dishes, we take great pride in creating dishes that will keep you coming back and posting those ever so popular food pics on social media.


We are here to serve you and make your dining experience the best it can be, we value your business and will continue to do our very best to keep you coming back time and time again so if your experience does not meet your expectations (or ours) please let us know on the spot so we can take care of anything that needs to be right away.